Stargate Collection (1994/2008/2008)

Stargate (1994)

A giant structure found in the desert has studied by various scientist for nearly fifty years and are no where near discovering what it is. Until Daniel jackson, a language expert deciphers and reveals that it's a Stargate. He also discovers how to make it work. They then learn that it's some kind interstellar transport device. Now a group of soldiers led by despondent Colonel Jack O'Neill go to the planet, also accompanying them is Jackson, who said that he can reactivate the Stargate to send them back but he forgot to mention that he needs to find the symbols and they can't find anything, so it appears that they are trapped. And if that isn't enough, some aliens arrive and capture them and have nefarious plans for Earth.

Cast: Kurt Russell,James Spader,Alexis Cruz,Viveca Lindfors,Mili Avital
Director: Roland Emmerich
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence.
IMDb User Rating: 6.6/10

Stargate: The Ark of Truth (2008)

SG-1 searches for an ancient weapon which could help them defeat the Ori, and discover it may be in the Ori's own home galaxy. As the Ori prepare to send ships through to the Milky Way to attack Earth, SG-1 travels to the Ori galaxy aboard the Odyssey. The International Oversight committee has their own plans and SG-1 finds themselves in a distant galaxy fighting two powerful enemies.

Cast: Ben Browder,Amanda Tapping,Christopher Judge,Michael Shanks,Beau Bridges
Director: Robert C. Cooper
MPAA Rating: -
IMDb User Rating: 7.1/10

Stargate: Continuum (2008)

Whilst Ark of Truth was purported to be the real 'Gater' film, finishing off the 10 year series with a tying up of the final Ori storyline, it is Continuum, oddly enough, that feels more like a fan celebration of the Stargate series, as it reintroduces a host of fan fave characters (both good and evil) even whilst it retains its 'standalone' and 'first time viewers' storyline.

Cast: Ben Browder,Amanda Tapping,Christopher Judge,Michael Shanks,Beau Bridges
Director: Martin Wood
MPAA Rating: -
IMDb User Rating: 7.5/10


The Love Guru (2008)

Pitka an American raised outside of his country by gurus, returns to the States in order to break into the self-help business. His first challenge: To settle the romantic troubles and subsequent professional skid of a star hockey player whose wife left him for a rival athlete.

Cast: Mike Myers,Jessica Alba,Justin Timberlake,Romany Malco,Meagan Good
Director: Marco Schnabel
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, language, some comic violence and drug references.
IMDb User Rating: 3.8/10


Speed Racer (2008)

The story begins with Speed Racer who is a young man with natural racing instincts whose goal is to win The Crucible, a cross-country car racing rally that took the life of his older brother, Rex Racer. Speed is loyal to the family business, run by his parents Pops and Mom. Pops designed Speed's car, the Mach 5. The owner of Royalton Industries makes Speed a lucrative offer, Speed rejects the offer, angering the owner. Speed also uncovers a secret that top corporate interests, including Royalton, are fixing races and cheating to gain profit. With the offer to Speed denied, Royalton wants to ensure that Speed will not win races. Speed finds support from his parents and his girlfriend Trixie and enters The Crucible in a partnership with his one-time rival, Racer X, seeking to rescue his family's business and the racing sport itself.

Cast: Emile Hirsch,Nicholas Elia,Christina Ricci,John Goodman,Melissa Holroyd
Director: Andy Wachowski,Larry Wachowski
MPAA Rating: Rated PG for sequences of action, some violence and language.
IMDb User Rating: 6.5/10


The Happening (2008)

Elliot Moore is a high school science teacher who quizzes his class one day about an article in the New York Times. It's about the sudden, mysterious disappearance of bees. Yet again Nature is doing something inexplicable, and whatever science has to say about it will be, in the end, only a theory. Scientists will bring out more theories, but no explanations, when a more urgent dilemma hits the planet. It begins in Central Park. Suddenly and inexplicably, the behavior of everyone in the park changes in a most bizarre and horrible way. Soon, the strange behavior spreads throughout the city and beyond. Elliot, his wife, Alma, and Jess, the young daughter of a friend, will only have theories to guide them where to run and where to hide. But theories may not be enough.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg,Zooey Deschanel,John Leguizamo,Ashlyn Sanchez,Betty Buckley
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
MPAA Rating: Rated R for violent and disturbing images.
IMDb User Rating: 5.3/10


You Don't Mess With The Zohan (2008)

This is the story about a Mossad agent Zohan Dvir, who fakes his death so he can re-emerge in New York City as a hair stylist. He romances his clients by giving them "special services" in the back room. However, he is eventually recognized, and risks losing his newfound life and career.

Cast: Adam Sandler,John Turturro,Emmanuelle Chriqui,Nick Swardson,Lainie Kazan
Director: Dennis Dugan
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, language and nudity.
IMDb User Rating: 5.7/10


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